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Foundation 2 – Superheroes!

5th March 17

On Monday 27th February, Foundation 2 began their new topic “Superheroes  – To The Rescue ” with an assembly where they discovered a very special box had been left in their care by a Superhero only to be stolen moments later by a mysterious villain called The Mighty Freeze!

Once they had all unfrozen from the spell cast by The Mighty Freeze, they set off on a hunt around the school, following icy clues on the way, and eventually they discovered where The Mighty Freeze had hidden their box. The boxes are now safely looked after by all these mini-superheroes until they are needed later in the term.

They had fun hearing a story about a Superhero vegetable called Supertato and even made their own Supertatos!! What other wonderful superhero-themed activities will inspire them during the following weeks?

Follow us and find out…..