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Day 2 TJMUN – Mexico

10th March 17

On Thursday all delegates were working really hard in their respective committees.  

During the sessions, Hugo and I had the chance to observe our representatives interacting with their fellow delegates and contributing with their speeches to the general debate. For some, this was a true act of bravery and they deserve to be congratulated, others spoke with great certainty and passion.  We are so proud of all of them! 

Towards the end of the break, the secretary general and his team organised a crisis. Different individuals suddenly fell on the floor attacked by a mortal virus that would kill the world population. Back in their committees the delegates and ministers learned through a video about the tragic situation and were given 45 minutes to jointly find a solution to stop the epidemic. To see the eagerness and enthusiasm to solve the problem was amazing!  

After a day of solid work, all delegates and our hosts (the director, the teachers, the secretariat members, and delegates) enjoyed a well-prepared party with delicious Mexican food, good music and lots of fun while dancing away before our students went home with their host families.  

More information about the final TJMUN sessions, today Friday, to follow. 

Frau Anneliese Brown