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New York – Thursday

17th February 17

Thursday in New York was a bit chilly but everyone was happy to wrap up warmly and set off for another busy day. Central Park Zoo was small with not a lot of animals but afterwards the ride around Central Park on rickshaws with guides was a great way to see the park and a lot of fun. Landmarks included; the fountain made famous by the TV series ‘Friends, the John Lennon ‘Strawberry Fields’ Memorial, where a number of musicians were playing his well-known songs, The Minton Tile Ceiling at Bethesda Terrace, ‘Balto’ the dog statue, Bethesda Fountain and many other points of interest within the huge park.

The Empire State Building in the afternoon offered great views all across New York and it was an excellent way to appreciate just how big the city is.

In the evening the last dinner of the trip was in a very good Italian restaurant a short distance from the hotel.