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Senior School Science Teachers Visit the Junior School

1st June 16

Our Key Stage 2 children loved experiencing the science experiments introduced to them by Mr Lopes and Mr Shepley.  They started the day with an assembly where they literally gasped with excitement when seeing the “Elephants toothpaste” experiment and what happens when alcohol is burned in a plastic bottle.
Afterwards, all classes from year three to six were given two half hour science lessons, one chemistry, one physics.  They got to see lasers at work, watched soundwaves change with increasing frequency, were shown how liquids can be acidic or alcaline and even got involved in an experiment where a cornflour mixture turned from a liquid to a solid and back again in front of their eyes!
A huge thanks must go to the Mr Lopes and Mr Shepley for increasing the children’s enthusiasm and understanding in science.  It was a great day and we hope to welcome you back here again next year.