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Senior School Prize Day 2016

26th June 16

The Annual Senior School Prize Day at the Marriott Hotel was as always a great way to celebrate the achievements of the pupils and to share these achievements with parents and friends. The Senior Choir opened the ceremony with a beautiful rendition of ‘Al Slosha D’Varim’, Music by Allan. E. Naplan. Emotional speeches from outgoing Head Pupils, Lottie Stone and Oliver Baldwin, were followed by the announcement of the new Head Pupils for the 2016 – 2017 Academic Year. Congratulations to Emily Wright, Head Girl, Ben Markwick, Head Boy, Lauren Glencross, Deputy Head Girl and Boris Sorkin, Deputy Head Boy. We wish them all the best in their roles as Head Pupils for the upcoming year. 

Ex Head Girl, Olivia Maddocks was welcomed to the podium to announce the winners of the prestigious Folland-Maddocks Cup. The cup is awarded to a 6th Form student who has constantly demonstrated excellence throughout their time in school. This year the joint recipients were Beth Brand and Kris Turner. Both students have shown dedication to their studies and every aspect of School life. Congratulations Beth and Kris.

Mr Wijeratne gave an overview of the academic year. He fare-welled the Year 13 students, some of them who had been at the school since reception.

Mr Castle announced the recipients of the many prizes which were awarded to students from Year 7 all the way to Year 13.

This year special prizes were received by the following students: 

The Overall Prize Winner for:

Year 7 – Pau Martínez

Year 8 – George Hasirci

Year 9 – Emma Cozens-Hardy Vila

Year 10 – Vladimir Shilin

Year 11 – Juan Francisco Valles Llobell

Year 12 – Alexandra Iglesias Garcia

Year 13 – Maria Ortuño Tur

English Department Special Awards: 

Vladimir Shilin – Year 10

Elizavetta Frovlova – Year 13

The EFL Star Prize

Linda (Yuki) Zhang – Year 11

Einstein Award

Tommy (Xingyu) Wang – Year 11

Marie-Curie Award

Ana Álvarez – Year 13

Spanish Section

Maria Ortuño Tur – Year 13

MFL Prize

Tatiana Nesterenko – Year 12

Exceptional Effort Award Sixth Form

Marcus Turner – Year 13

Work Experience Prizes

Amanda Sykes, Keeley Wrettom and Jaime Gomez Ferrer – Year 10

Performing Arts Follow Your Dream Award

Eloise Devine – Year 9

The Bryan Willoughby Music Award

Melena Janasik – Year 10

CY Twombly Art Award

Elsie Goodfellow

The Lincoln Hook Award Cup

Leonie Glück

The Adina Harper Award

Lottie Copland – Year 8

Most House Points Awarded

Pau Martínez – Year 7

For a successful Year 8 whilst facing significant and ongoing physical challenges

Megan Maclean

For significant contribution to the School by devising an LES App for pupils and staff

Philip Mackie

KS3 Sports Person of the Year

Alexia Silva & Saul Blanco Garriges

KS4 Sports Person of the Year

Peadar  McCaughey

KS5 Sports Person of the Year

Kevin Boge Steinwender

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Bronze Award:

Beau Deden

Aimee De La Cour

Tasha Fish

Timofey Korovikov

Thomas Lawrence Esteban 

Kaia Oyuela Villarreal

Elissa Shafeek

Daisy Taylor

Blue House won the hat trick with their winning performances at Sports Day, the Swimming Gala and the most House Points. Congratulations to Mrs Maddocks and her team.