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International Week Quique Dacosta

26th June 16

An International Meals Competition was held on the last day of International Week. Students from all year levels were invited to enter the competition and the results were excellent. Food from around the world was prepared and beautifully presented. Three Michelin Star Chef, Quique Dacosta, had the difficult job of judging the competition. In the end he chose three winning entries from Year 7, 8 and 9 and also second and third places for each year. In Year 7, Third Prize was awarded to; Pau Martínez, Second Prize to Anna Gorbunova and First Prize to Nicolas Boddy. Year 8 prizes went to Zoë Vincent, First Place, Robert Baraniecki, Second Prize and Third Prize to Paula Ivars. Year 9 prizes were awarded to Martijn Van Elst, First Prize, Carolina Lin, Second Prize and Noelia Frederick, Third Prize. Congratulations to the winning entries but also congratulations to all students who participated.

It was great to see ex-student, Seb Helmsley, who is now in the UK studying to be a chef. Seb prepared a beautiful seafood dish for Quique Dacosta to try and was very pleased to have positive feedback from the Three Michelin Star Chef. Good luck to Seb and hopefully he will visit more over the next few years so we can hear how he is progressing.

Once the judging was finished, Sr Dacosta demonstrated his cooking talents on the stage in the theatre. He discussed how important it was to use local produce as it is readily available and fresh from the fields or the sea. Trays of ‘pebbles’ were passed around to everyone. They were actually cheese coated in black to look exactly like pebbles. It was important to be careful as some of them really were pebbles and it was impossible to tell them apart! 

It was a wonderful way to finish International Week and we would like to thank Quique Dacosta, who had flown in from New York that morning, for giving up his valuable time and demonstrating his wonderful cooking. Thank also to Srta Sabina Escortell for organising the International Meals Competition.