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International Week 2016

26th June 16

International Week, organised by Mrs Millington and her Performing Arts team, was a wonderful event with activities based on different cultures from around the world. Students and staff worked on displays to help represent as many countries as possible. The theatre was filled with posters, projects, ornaments, textiles, origami and photos representing the many nationalities that we have in the school.  Students’ knowledge was tested with Mastermind competitions and music quizzes. Pupils had the opportunity to attend a number of great workshops in dance, drumming and drama. Guest speakers discussed global issues including water scarcity and the problems associated with ocean litter. Four hundred years of Shakespeare and Cervantes was celebrated. A Rangali chalk painting workshop was also organised for students to participate in with some beautiful designs being produced. The fabulous week ended with an International Meals Competition which was judged by 3 Michelin Star Chef, Quique Dacosta. This was followed by a cooking demonstration by Sr Dacosta which was enjoyed by everyone.

A big thank you to Mrs Millington who spent many weeks organising such a wonderful event! It was a great lead up to end the year.

The Lady Elizabeth School would also like to thank all of the sponsors for their very generous donations for raffles and other competitions. All proceeds will go to UNICEF. A list of sponsors can be seen below.

Thank you also to Season Wang for her photography throughout the week.