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International Award Bronze Expedition

12th June 16

Eight International Award Bronze participants completed their Adventurous Journey and are now well on the way to finishing their award. Carrying heavily laden rucksacks they tackled a walk, which included a section of the gruelling Barranc del infern, or Hell’s Gorge in English. This wouldn’t normally have been too taxing for these fit students but for the added burden of temperatures over 30 degrees and an intense overhead sun that was beating down on them the whole way especially on the last section of the Barranc del Infern which is all uphill!

Despite these obvious discomforts, they eventually arrived at the campsite to set up their tents and have a very well deserved rest and swim before cooking their own dinner. Rising early the next day they again had to fend for themselves by taking down their tents and getting ready for their second day of walking.

Once again the temperature was in the thirties but the walk was not nearly as difficult. After walking a circuit route towards Fontilles and then walking from Campell to Murla they happily finished their two day Adventurous Journey. They only have to do a short presentation on the research that they conducted during their Expedition and they will be awarded with their Bronze Medals.

Congratulations to the dedicated students who took part in the expedition and a big thank you to Mr Baldwin for helping with the co-ordination of the walks and the transport and to his son, Oliver, who camped with the Bronze participants. Also thank you to Stuart, the School Site Manager, who also helped with the transport.