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Abseiling for Charity

14th May 16

Forty eight Senior School students and one very brave Headmaster abseiled down a cliff in Llíber to raise money for charity. Pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 enjoyed the challenge and overcame any fear they may have had, walking backwards off the cliff and abseiling all the way to the bottom under the expert guidance of local company, Tururac. Many of them said the hardest part was the beginning when they were at the top looking down. The height of the cliff didn’t look too massive from the base, but when they arrived at the start point they found that it was a long way to the bottom!

A wonderful atmosphere was created by the students, especially the Year 7 pupils who cheered everyone on.

Not all of the money has been collected, however, so far over 500 Euros has been raised. 

Well done to all who participated.

They can’t wait to do it again next year!