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Camping International Award

14th March 16

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award students have had a tough weekend of mountain trekking and camping in near freezing conditions. The Saturday walk took the participants on the infamous 15 kilometre Barranco del Infierno or Hells Gorge. The gruelling trek is also known as 6000 steps because that is what it is. The first descent into the gorge isn’t too bad, as it is downhill, but it is followed by a very steep ascent which just seems to keep going forever. The next stage is practically the same but this time the descent is rockier and more slippery. The final stage finishes with a long winding track up to the small village of Benimaurell. From here it was all down hill back to the camp-site in Campell where students had no chance to rest as they had to put up their tents, cook their own meals and try and get some sleep with only a thin mat between them and the gravel ground. To add to their discomfort the temperature dropped dramatically once the sun went down and many of them had trouble keeping warm. Despite little sleep many of them continued their weekend with another very challenging but rewarding walk along the Caballo Verde Ridge starting from Mr Baldwin’s house. The views were absolutely spectacular and all students should be proud of themselves as they completed the tough walk with ease and were in great spirits all the way along this tough track. 

Some of the Bronze participants are now ready for their final challenge which is the Adventurous Journey. This is a two day hike of six hours purposeful activity each day along with a night of camping and preparing their own food. Once they have completed this they will be awarded with their Bronze.

Thank you to Mrs Lovell for giving up her time and accompanying the walkers on Saturday and a big thank you to Mr Baldwin for leading the walks on both days.

Well done to the students – a great effort from all of you!