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Día de España

10th December 15

On Friday the 4th of December students in the Junior School celebrated Spanish Day to commemorate Constitution Day. 

All pupils worked very hard to represent different ‘comunidades’. 

Pre Nursery and Foundation explored the culture of ‘Andalucía. Year 1 and 2 looked at some of the famous things from ‘Cataluña’, Year 3 and 4 investigated traditions and fiestas from Valencia whilst Year 5 and 6 found some very interesting facts about’ La Islas Canarías’

Whilst exploring ‘Andalucía’ the Pre Nursery and Foundation pupils made Spanish fans, a giant puzzle with the provinces of ‘Andalucía’, guitars, and they learnt about the process of making olive oil.

Year 1 and 2 became familiar with ‘El tió de Nadál and the legend of ‘San Jordi’ and the dragon. They explored ‘el Parque Güel’ and they made a giant model of the famous ‘Salamandra’ from ‘Parque Güel’.

In the Valencian Community Year 3 and Year 4 made’ una falla’ with a ‘mascletá’ and ‘falleros’ pins and afterwards they looked at the paintings of Joaquín Sorolla.

Whilst exploring ‘las Islas Canarias’, Year 5 and 6 made models of the different islands highlighting their main characteristics. They designed posters of ‘Carnaval’ and painted in the style of artist, César Manrique.

All pupils dressed in traditional costumes from their particular region and they had flags from the different communities painted on their faces.  

To teach the pupils about the different dances and music from different regions of Spain, dance group, La Font Santa de Teulada, visited the school to perform for the pupils and staff and School music teachers, John and Álvaro, also played the guitar and la txalaparta. 

All teachers and students had a wonderful day!

Departamento de Español