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Year 2 Music Visitor

1st October 15

Year 2 Music Visitor: Trumpet player Santiago Ferrer from the Jazz School in Benissa (Escuela de Música Moderna Sifasol)

Music : Creating links with the local music community

Living in this region of Spain we have the privilege of being exposed to so much music, tradition and culture.  We are surrounded by so many talented musicians from the classical, jazz and world of popular music.

Today we were delighted to share our Year 2 Music class with Santi Ferrer who directs and teaches at the local Spanish Jazz School to see how young children are taught in an English school.

This was then followed by a talk and demonstration of playing various brass instruments. The children really enjoyed the experience and were invited to touch and change keys on the instruments to make different sounds. Santi then finished by performing a short jazz improvisation which the children clapped in time to.

 In all an enjoyable learning experience for children and teachers alike. A big thank you to Santi for providing such an enjoyable experience for the Year 2 children and maybe inspiring some future brass players too! The good news is Santi has offered to visit us again in the future.