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European Language Day

29th September 15

The council of Europe and the European Union jointly organised a European Day of Languages which is held annually on 26 September. This event involves millions of people across 45 participating countries. Activities celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe and promote language learning. 

At The Lady Elizabeth School we are delighted that our student body represents so many nationalities from Europe and around the world. The European Day of Languages became The International Day of Languages and was a great way to celebrate our very ‘International School’ and for students to recognise and be proud of their heritage. The day started with an assembly based on a Powerpoint presentation depicting all the different languages that we have in the school and a Year 8 German performance of Cinderella. The last lesson of the day was dedicated to performances which depicted different languages through music and dance. It was also an opportunity for students and teachers to sample food from countries around the world. Beautifully decorated stalls and tables were filled with treats and traditional foods from regions and countries from Europe and further afield. Displays, posters, ornaments, maps, flags, traditional costumes and photographs gave an insight into the culture rich society in which we are fortunate enough to live in! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day such a huge success.