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A Very Irrational Day at The Lady Elizabeth School

16th March 15

Pupils at The Lady Elizabeth School celebrated International Pi Day by participating in many very ‘irrational’ activities all related to Pi.

They estimated the value of Pi by measuring diameters and circumferences of circles, participated in a Pi trivia quiz, investigated other irrational numbers, made Pi Day badges and posters, used Pi in area and circumference problems and learnt about the history of Pi. In their English lessons Year 9 continued with Pi Day by writing a narrative based on the first fifty digits of Pi. Each word in the narrative had to have the same number of letters as the corresponding digit of Pi. This was a very challenging exercise and some very ‘irrational’ narratives were produced.

This year Pi Day was particularly epic. Pi: 3.141592653… which represented March, 14, 2015 at 9.26:53!

At the end of the day Year 7 students formed a giant ‘Pupil Pi’!

A very irrational but enjoyable day was had by all who participated.