"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” 

The educational journey within The Lady Elizabeth School is filled with opportunity, excitement and success.  Pupils, staff and parents thrive on the challenges that emerge to test pupils and encourage them to show determination and the resilience to prevail in so many fields.  For the pupils, this is their time, a time to become confident, global citizens, and to be proud of their achievements in a great School. 

With the support of ISP, the International Schools Partnership, all involved with The Lady Elizabeth are highly motivated to Inspire, Equip and Nurture the pupils attending the School, and for them to enjoy their learning experiences at all levels.  The positive influences that exist amongst pupils, staff and the parents encourage a synergy to stimulate confidence, and consequentially motivate children to fulfil their potential. 

Children join the School at all levels and represent 26 different nationalities.  They leave the School to attend Universities or Colleges throughout the world, once again reflecting the International flavour of the School.  This international environment allows all children to celebrate others’ cultures, and to take full advantage of this to further strengthen their own adaptability to the wider communities within which they will work. 

It is widely understood that in The Lady Elizabeth School the initial priority is to ensure that the children who attend are happy.  We are insistent upon the fact that a happy child is a motivated young person who will focus on their own talents and perform to a high level.  A symbiotic relationship exists where the staff and parents are equally inspired by the great things that the pupils achieve. 

A truly great school is developed not only by the valuable all-round education that is delivered on a daily basis, but also from the pupils’ initiatives, energy and ambition both for themselves and for the entire School community.  This is what is special in The Lady Elizabeth School. Pupils feel they are contributing and they benefit from this strong cohesive desire to fulfil their potential. 

We are dedicated to the realization of the many individual goals, and most importantly to the enjoyment of the journey to achieve them. The Lady Elizabeth School applauds very specific and distinctive values where we genuinely encourage individuality, enabling children to grow and transform in a way that they find personally satisfying. The warmth and friendliness within the School reflects the way we relate to everyone. We take pride in the strength of our relationships, and as a consequence we find people want to connect with us because they identify with our values and creativity. 

With the warmest of welcomes,

Richard Wijeratne


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